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Why Should I Hire a Real Estate Attorney Before Purchasing a Home?

December 3, 2019

Buying a home is one of life’s biggest milestones, but it can also be an overwhelming and frustrating task. It’s a personal purchase that comes with a lot of red tape and legal requirements that you may not be familiar with. Hiring a real estate lawyer in Miami, FL can save you hours and frustration. While it’s not legally required in most states, the benefits—including your peace of mind—far outweigh the cost. Real estate attorneys generally handle documents such as purchase agreements, mortgages and title or transfer documents. They’re trained in how the law and homebuying intersect, and can act... View Article

What Is Private Mortgage Insurance?

July 10, 2019

Private mortgage insurance exists to protect your lender in the event you default on your mortgage payments. In most cases, a lender will require you to purchase PMI if you put down less than 15 or 20 percent on your home purchase. The PMI cost then gets automatically added to the amount you pay on your mortgage each month. Over the course of time, these PMI payments can really begin to add up, so you’ll want to get those costs removed eventually. To do that, your lender will likely require you to have reached a certain amount of accumulated equity... View Article

The Advantages of Owning vs. Renting a Home

June 26, 2019

For many Americans, homeownership is a big part of the American dream. Of course, home ownership isn’t all sunshine and roses—it’s a big financial commitment and a whole lot of work. This makes purchasing a home one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your life. If you’re currently at a time in your life where you’re renting and are considering buying a home, it’s very important for you to weigh whether or not this is the right decision. As part of your consideration, you should consider the many advantages that come with homeownership over renting a home. Here... View Article

Five Questions to Ask About Title Insurance in Miami, FL

June 12, 2019

Do you know enough about title insurance in Miami, FL to purchase a home? Are you familiar with the laws surrounding title insurance? If your knowledge level is lacking, use the following guide. These questions will provide an overview of title insurance in Miami, FL to educate you on the basics of this important topic. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact a local real estate attorney at the office of Ruben J. Padron, PA. How much coverage do I need from title insurance in Miami, FL? Your lender may require additional insurance on your mortgage or your... View Article

Grants and Programs for First-Time Home Buyers in Miami, FL

May 29, 2019

Are you a first-time home buyer in Miami, FL? Don’t miss out on the many programs available to you! These programs can help you qualify for a loan, provide money for your down payment, assist you in obtaining a better interest rate on your mortgage and more. To take advantage of these programs, check out the list of the most common ones below. HUD Programs The HUD website offers information on the first-time home buyer grants in Florida. Your local county website is also a good source of housing information. Each region offers various forms of home buyer assistance programs.... View Article

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