Estate Planning Lawyer in Miami, FL

It’s important to always have a plan. Working with an estate planning lawyer in Miami, FL, can help you prepare for end-of-life healthcare, will creation and more. Hiring a legal attorney to handle your estate and health planning needs can help you rest easy, knowing that your wishes will be carried out in the event of your death or incapacitation.

Ruben J. Padron is an attorney specializing in estate law and end-of-life planning in Miami, FL. Scheduling a consultation appointment with an estate attorney can provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Reason to Hire an Estate Law Attorney

Aside from the creation of a will, you may be wondering why it’s necessary to hire an estate law attorney. Estate lawyers possess specialized knowledge and skills that can help you navigate a number of issues, including:

  • Managed healthcare:

    Healthcare post-retirement can be a challenge, especially if you require full-time assistance in your later years. Establishing a plan for managed care can help you navigate the challenges of Medicaid and other managed care plan providers. Even if you’re in good health now, it’s never too early to establish a healthcare plan.

  • Powers of Attorney:

    In the event you’re incapacitated by an accident or illness, it’s important to ensure that your wishes are still carried out. Working with an estate law attorney can help you identify the different types of Power of Attorney (POA) that you can grant, and can help you make POA arrangements for the future.

  • Will & trust establishment:

    Writing a will may seem straightforward, especially if you don’t have a lot of assets to divide. There are several types of post-mortem asset distribution systems you can opt to use, however. Hiring a qualified attorney for wills and trusts can help you navigate the complexities of establishment.

Make End-of-Life Arrangements

If it’s time for you to begin the process of end of life planning, consult with Rubén J. Padrón, PA today. We can assist you with creating a long-term managed care plan, altering your will and more. Contact us at 305-671-3236 today to learn more about the estate planning process.

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