Five Reasons You Need a Real Estate Attorney

Five Reasons You Need a Real Estate Attorney

November 19, 2021

Real estate is one of the biggest investments the average American will make in their lifetime. Whether you’re buying your first house, selling an inherited property or launching your own real estate investment empire, you need the help of a good real estate attorney.

A real estate attorney can benefit you in a number of different ways.

Here’s why it’s smart to work with one any time you’re buying, selling or otherwise dealing with real estate:

  • You’re not a lawyer: The best reason to hire a lawyer is because you’re not one. Even if you are an attorney, it’s always wise to get counsel from a neutral third party. A real estate lawyer will understand exactly what all those complex legal documents mean and the effect they’ll have on your sale, purchase or other real estate transaction. Some legal terminology might mean one thing in plain English, but have a completely different meaning in legal proceedings. They can also spot issues that you might have missed, especially if you have an emotional connection to the property.
  • They have experience in real estate: Even if you’re not new to real estate transactions, your attorney is bound to have far more experience. Since their job consists of reviewing, negotiating and otherwise participating in real estate transactions on a daily basis, they’ll have seen far more than you probably have—or will. Working with a real estate attorney will guarantee that you get sage legal advice from someone who has plenty of practical experience.
  • You’ll save money in the long run: Real estate transactions are expensive. In addition to down payments and mortgages, commissions, closing costs and other fees are common. Many people balk at the idea of adding one more expense to the seemingly endless list—but when it’s for a real estate attorney, it will actually save you money in the long run. Your lawyer will review all of your legal documents to ensure that they’re accurate, fair and representative of your agreement. They’ll also point out any potential issues and ask questions to make sure they understand what you want. If a legal dispute occurs later, you’ll be glad you hired a lawyer at the outset.
  • Get legal support during closing: While some states require a lawyer for closing, Florida does not; however, it’s still a good idea to keep a real estate attorney on hand. Your lawyer can review and negotiate the closing documents for you, which will help save time and protect your assets.
  • Protect your investment: Speaking of protection, that’s the best way to sum up what a lawyer can do for you. You’ll be able to rely on their legal knowledge and real estate expertise to ensure your transaction proceeds smoothly—or that you can get out of it, if necessary, before it’s finalized. Since this is likely one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, make sure it’s done right.

For skilled real estate attorney services, get in touch with the office of Ruben J. Padron, PA today.

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