Do You Need a Lawyer to Buy a House?

Do You Need a Lawyer to Buy a House?

January 4, 2022

Buying a house—especially when you’re doing so for the first time—can be a long and involved process. There are reams of paperwork involved and plenty of legal issues to consider. Do you need a real estate attorney to buy a house?

Many people can get by without an attorney during the home buying process, but it’s not always wise. Your attorney can handle a number of issues, from ensuring there are no issues with the title to handling the paperwork properly. Even if you’re not required to hire a lawyer, it’s still a smart idea to work with one. You’re less likely to have regrets later.

Here’s why it’s beneficial to work with an experienced real estate attorney:

  • Title searches: Real estate lawyers can perform a title search on your behalf. A title search will turn up information about the property you’re buying, such as whether there are any liens or other legal encumbrances on the land. If they turn up any problems, they’ll be able to provide suggestions to the seller about how to fix the issues or get financing. They might be able to negotiate better terms for your contract, and will secure proof that any encumbrances are resolved. That’s especially important if you need to secure financing for the home.
  • Contract negotiations: Next, your lawyer will handle contract negotiations and paperwork. Many people don’t realize that they’re not required to sign the contract a real estate agent presents to them. They’re entitled to review it and negotiate changes. Your attorney might be able to negotiate better terms, such as the seller paying certain fees and inspection costs and more. It’s always wise to have a lawyer look over your contracts, especially when making what’s very likely to be the biggest purchase of your life.
  • Filing deeds: Attorneys spend a lot of time filing legal paperwork, so they’ll be able to easily file deeds and other important papers on your behalf. Deeds are usually required to be registered at the county and even state level. This is even more important if you’re buying a house for business purposes—improper filing could have serious consequences, up to and including business closure.
  • Business dealings: On a related note, if you’re buying a house on behalf of a business, trust or other legal entity, you need the help of an attorney. They’ll know how to handle the negotiations and paperwork to ensure the best possible outcome, including avoiding tax liability issues.
  • Avoid discrimination: Finally, if you’re concerned that you may be experiencing housing discrimination, working with an attorney is key. Even if they don’t handle discrimination cases themselves, they should be able to recommend an appropriate lawyer if you wish to pursue the case.

For most people, buying a home is the single biggest purchase they’ll ever make. Why not make sure it’s executed perfectly from start to finish? Working with a real estate attorney will ensure that your home buying experience is simple, easy and legally enforceable.

Call Ruben J. Padron, PA for help with your next home purchase or sale.

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