Five Ways to Help Your Attorney

Five Ways to Help Your Attorney

October 25, 2019

Hiring an accident attorney in Miami, FL eliminates most of your work if you are facing injuries and desire legal compensation. However, it does not mean you can proceed with your case without any effort. There are some ways to help your attorney so your case ends with the best result. Here are five suggestions:

  • Be forthcoming: Your attorney cannot serve you well if you lie or hide elements of the truth. If you are not certain the light was red or green when you drove through an intersection, say so. The same is true if you had previous neck injuries or faced a felony conviction. Few issues are truly insurmountable, and attorneys cannot give well-informed advice without knowing the big picture. You will enjoy better representation if you avoid lying or covering up information.
  • Avoid trouble: This is not limited to criminal defendants. It is true that you need to avoid doing drugs, trespassing or anything else that could lead to an additional arrest. The same is true if you are pursuing compensation for workplace injuries or an accident. Criminal charges can derail your entire civil case at least as much as it can in a criminal case. Stay off drugs if a workplace incident requires follow-up drug tests, and avoid facing traffic tickets if you are currently litigating an injury car accident.
  • Keep records: Real-time records are often more persuasive than verbal testimony. If you are injured, keep a pain diary that shows how you feel each day. That way, you have a reference if you are in a deposition or arbitration years in the future. The same is true with remembering accident facts—file that accident report while the details are fresh in your memory and keep a copy for your records. That will help if a trial does not occur for three years and memories fade.
  • Watch your social media posts: If you must vent to a group of close friends, keep your posts locked. Even then, your posts could be found in a discovery request, so even that is not foolproof. Do not publicly post about intentionally missing work or violating probation. In fact, you may wish to limit social media to cat pictures for a little while. Even commentary made on news stories could end up working against you.
  • Cooperate: If a court order demands your presence at a hearing, be there. The same is true for depositions and arbitrations—show up, and do so on time. Even if the appointment is merely a meeting with your attorney, be there, and if you are running late, text or call to let them know. If an emergency arises and there is no way you can make it, call your attorney. Their time is often limited and valuable, so they prefer not being stood up by clients.

If you require an accident attorney in Miami, FL after a car accident, slip and fall or workplace incident, Ruben J. Padron, PA offers the experience you need. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

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