Auto & Car Accident Lawyer in Miami, FL

Automobile accidents are potentially devastating, life-changing events. The only thing that makes the event of a car accident worse is having trouble obtaining repair and medical expense payouts from your insurance company and the insurance company of the other involved parties.

Hiring a car accident lawyer in Miami, FL can help you ensure that you receive the payouts you deserve. Experienced legal attorneys, help clients navigate the complex worlds of car insurance, health insurance, and traffic laws.

Benefits of Working with Auto Attorneys

You may be wondering why you should consider hiring an auto accident attorney in Miami, FL, rather than just working directly with your insurance companies. Here are just a few reasons it’s always advisable to seek legal counsel when you’re dealing with the repercussions of a car accident:

  • Better understanding of local laws:

    If fault has been assigned to you, it’s wise to consult with an auto accident attorney. They have a thorough understanding of local traffic laws and may be able to offer a more comprehensive appeal.

  • Help you receive payouts:

    Receiving payouts from insurance companies can be frustrating and difficult. If you are having trouble receiving the payouts you’re entitled to in a personal injury law case, it’s time to hire an auto accident lawyer.

  • Settlement negotiations:

    Often, insurance companies will choose to settle personal injury claims out of court. If your insurance provider is wanting to settle your injury claim, hire a lawyer to negotiate the settlement you deserve.

  • Aggressive representation:

    After suffering from a car accident, pursuing the payouts and settlements you deserve is nothing short of exhausting. Hiring a qualified legal professional ensures you receive the representation you deserve.

Auto Accident Assistance

If you’ve recently been involved in an auto accident, it’s time to consider seeking the help of a qualified car accident lawyer. Ruben J. Padron offers personalized, one-on-one legal services you can rely on. Call us today at 305-671-3236 to learn if our representation is right for you.

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