Dealing with Insurance Companies After Auto Accidents in Miami, FL

Dealing with Insurance Companies After Auto Accidents in Miami, FL

October 12, 2019

If you’ve been involved in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you will likely be able to recover compensation to help cover your losses. The vast majority of cases involving auto accidents in Miami, FL will never go to court. Instead, you will negotiate a settlement with an insurance company (yours or the other driver’s, depending on the circumstances) to get you the money you need to cover your property damage and medical bills.

We strongly recommend you work with a personal injury attorney during your negotiations with an insurance company, as attorneys are experienced in handling these types of cases and getting you the best possible settlements after an accident. Here’s a quick overview of what you should know about dealing with insurance companies in these types of scenarios.

Gather information

After you’ve been involved in an accident, you stand a better chance of achieving your goals for compensation in your case if you’re able to provide the insurance company with plenty of information that supports your side of the story. Some examples of some of the most important information you could potentially provide include:

  • The name, contact information and address of the other party involved in the accident, as well as that other party’s insurance information (carrier and policy number)
  • The names and contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident, as well as a general overview of what they saw
  • Photos and videos of the damage, injuries and general surroundings of the accident site

Sometimes this information can be difficult to obtain, or you may be so preoccupied with other things happening at the accident site that you fail to get it. This, again, makes it especially important that you work with an attorney. All is not lost if you don’t have this information, but your case will be more challenging, and the greater degree of difficulty necessitates the use of a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney.

Making your reports

After you’ve returned home from your accident and following any subsequent medical care you require, you will have to report the accident. You should have already called the police to the scene. You should also contact your insurance provider, as well as the other driver’s insurance provider. In most circumstances, your own provider will handle all conversations with the other insurance company. Your company will do the best it can to get money from the other company.

In some cases, however, your policy may end up being the one that pays out. Don’t be surprised if you receive an initial offer that seems rather low. This is another one of the benefits of working with an attorney—skilled personal injury lawyers know what accidents are worth and can help you negotiate more favorable settlement terms. You have the right to engage in negotiations with the insurance company to get a better value.

For more information about dealing with insurance companies after auto accidents in Miami, FL, contact the office of Ruben J. Padron, PA today.

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