How To Plan a Family Meeting To Discuss Estate Planning

How To Plan a Family Meeting To Discuss Estate Planning

January 23, 2023

Estate planning is a huge step, and you may need to speak to a legal attorney about your plans eventually. These are some tips for setting up a meeting to discuss the plans for your future:

Approach Your Family With Sensitivity

It might be hard to get all your family members together to discuss the things that need to be done once you’re deceased. The whole idea might seem morbid and offputting, but it’s a fact of life. Thus, sharing your estate plan is 100 percent necessary. You’ll want to find a time when all of you can get together in a relaxed environment. Stress how important it is to implement smart estate planning so that everyone will be secure at the time of your passing. Once you get everyone on board for this serious and sensitive meeting, it will be easier to make plans.

Talk About Property Distribution and Task Delegation

During the meeting, you will assign an executor of your estate and talk about who gets what and what goes where. It would be wise to employ the person with the highest level of maturity and responsibility to handle most of the estate matters. You can also discuss the different things that will need care after you’re gone. For example, you’ll need to discuss any debt you still have or property management if you own property. This is also a great time to delete certain tasks for people.

Let your prospective beneficiaries know that they will be beneficiaries and explain to them what to expect. List objections and resolve them if they come about. This meeting is crucial because it can cause things to go much more smoothly in the end.

Find a Reputable Estate Planner

The next thing you should do is find two experts to talk to. You will need to locate and consult with an estate planner and an attorney. An estate planner is an advisory person you can speak to about your intentions. He or she will look at the prospective beneficiaries, trustees, and others and help you make the best decisions for your family. The estate planner will have an objective opinion and will not be affected by emotions or familial bonds.

An attorney is the other person you will need to get involved in these matters. This person will help you to execute everything you need to execute. For example, an attorney can help you create a legalized will and delegate certain responsibilities to certain people. A lawyer can also ensure that your beneficiaries receive everything they deserve and get the most respectable treatment from the trustee or person in charge of handling the affairs.

Once you have these two professionals in your corner, you can feel confident moving forward with making your plans. You can avoid having any complicated issues arise after you’re gone, and you can relax knowing that your family will be well taken care of.

Those are some tips for setting up a meeting about your estate planning. Use them to get your system and household in order now, or contact us for further assistance!

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