When Do You Require an Injury Lawyer?

When Do You Require an Injury Lawyer?

July 29, 2019

Many people underestimate the effects of an auto accident or premises injury. It may seem like a manageable event until recovery, paperwork and maintaining the rest of your life all collide. In these cases, hiring an injury lawyer in Miami, FL after an accident becomes your best course of action. Here are five scenarios that make an injury lawyer a valuable ally when you face the effects of an accident:

  • Serious injuries: Bone fractures or head injuries require expert attention, not only from your doctor, but also from your legal team. If the effects of these injuries are long term or permanent, insurance companies are likely to discount your symptoms to get away with the lowest settlement possible. Hiring an attorney shows you are serious and gives you needed advocacy during a tough time, since your focus needs to be on recovery rather than insurance companies and law enforcement. An attorney manages these matters to reduce your stress and help you heal.
  • Objectivity: If you are frustrated or facing the stress of medical bills and lost wages, it is difficult to pursue your claim objectively. You may find decision-making difficult or make decisions based on desperation rather than the facts. People often rush to settle without completing medical treatment or accept a settlement that does not cover the bills. Attorneys lead you to appropriate decisions that benefit you in the long run.
  • Other parties are involved: Accidents involving more than one person become particularly complicated. People may have different interpretations of the events, or claim you are at fault, rather than them. Insurance companies become cagey in these situations, and without an attorney, you may not receive forthright information. Attorneys have the expertise to protect you from these scenarios and maintain your counterclaims.
  • Lowball offers: The insurance adjuster assigned to your claim is not your friend. Their job is to make sure your claim goes away as quickly as possible. They will offer settlements before your medical treatment concludes and demand several steps before even evaluating your lost wages. Even if your medical records clearly show the seriousness of your injury, they may refer you for an independent medical exam or allow an insurance company doctor to make conclusions based on your records, rather than an exam. These are tactics meant to intimidate, and they are effective on many people who do not hire attorneys. An injury lawyer is familiar with these tactics and knows how to subdue them.
  • A trial is likely: If you had a head injury and do not remember details of the accident, the insurance company will likely push it to trial. This is especially true if accident reconstruction experts on each side give conflicting conclusions. Do not endure these scenarios on your own—hire an attorney with the trial experience and access to experts you need to prevail on your claim.

If you require an injury lawyer in Miami, FL, Ruben J. Padron, PA offers the experience and personalized approach you need to pursue a fair settlement. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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