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Wills vs. Trusts: What’s the Difference?

July 22, 2021

Estate planning can be complicated, especially if you have a lot of assets. Hiring an estate planning attorney for wills and trusts is usually the best way to guarantee that your property is distributed the way you want, and the tax liability is minimized. When you sit down with an estate planning attorney, one of the first things you’ll decide is what should be placed in trust versus what should be distributed by the will alone. Although the end result is the same—your property will be transferred to your desired beneficiaries—there’s a difference in how that goal is accomplished. Here’s... View Article

Personal Injury Claims and Liability After a Boat Accident

July 6, 2021

Summer is here, which means more people are eager to get out on the water. If you’ve been injured in a boating accident, call a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. You may be eligible to recover compensation for your injuries and property damage—and since boating accidents can be quite serious, you’ll probably need to recover as much as you can. Here’s an overview of personal injury claims and boat accident liability in Florida. Boating accidents are usually a form of negligence Most boating personal injury claims will be under a theory of negligence. Generally, negligence is defined as... View Article

Dog Bites: The One Bite Rule

June 22, 2021

If you have a dog or spend time around them regularly, it’s important that you understand Florida’s one bite rule. As much as you may love dogs, their bites can cause serious injury and illness. Even if Fluffy has never so much as harmed a fly before, your dog is still an animal—which means they may attack without warning. Be sure to talk to a personal injury attorney as soon as there is an issue. The one bite rule The one bite rule, according to Cornell Law, is a strict liability law. If applicable in your state, “the owner of... View Article

An Overview of Florida Estate Planning

June 2, 2021

Whether you’re a multimillionaire or you’re living a more limited lifestyle, having a good estate plan is key in Miami, FL. Working with an attorney can help you distribute your property, avoid probate and even prepare contingency plans if you’re suddenly incapacitated. Not only will this ensure you get the care you need, and your loved ones get the property you want them to have, but it will make things easier on them in a difficult time. Here are some of the key documents you’ll need to create for a full estate plan. Wills Wills are the most common estate... View Article

The Basics of Florida Property and Real Estate Laws

May 19, 2021

Whether you’re buying, selling or inheriting real estate, it’s important to be familiar with Florida real estate laws. Most people don’t realize what a massive impact the law can have on your home or investment properties, which is why it’s always a good idea to work with a lawyer. Two of the most important types of real estate law are the homestead and adverse possession laws in Miami, FL. Here’s how they could affect your property. Florida homestead laws Homestead laws are designed to protect people in the event of economic change—you can declare a limited portion of your property... View Article

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