Landlord-Tenant Litigation in Miami

Property rental is often a resource and time-intensive means of revenue generation. Procuring the services of an attorney specializing in landlord-tenant law in Miami, FL, however, can help you maximize the value of your rental properties and maintain good relationships with your tenants.

If you rent property, it often seems impossible to maintain your interests and meet your needs as a tenant. Hiring a landlord-tenant lawyer, however, can help you ensure your interests are looked after for the duration of your lease.

Relevant Litigation Types

There are several instances in which the services of a landlord tenant litigation specialist may come in handy for both tenants and landlords. Here are just some reasons you may find yourself in need of professional legal services:

  • Eviction:

    If you’re a landlord and need to evict a tenant, it’s advisable to hire an attorney prior to taking any action. Likewise, if you are a tenant facing an eviction notice, you are likely entitled to rights that you’re unaware of.

  • Unsafe conditions:

    Landlords are expected to maintain reasonably safe conditions and need to keep buildings in good repair. Landlord-tenant law specialists can help mediate discussions and negotiations related to unsafe conditions.

  • Audits:

    If you’re a landlord being audited by the IRS or your state tax agency, you probably need to hire an attorney. Lawyers can help you prepare financial documents and maintain tax compliance.

  • Property damage:

    If a tenant has caused property damage at one of your rentals, you’ll need the help of a lawyer to recuperate repair expenses. Likewise, if you’re a tenant wrongfully accused of inflicting property damage, it’s advisable to seek legal counsel.

Hire a Landlord Tenant Lawyer

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